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Pleasant Life Care (PLC) is a research-based Pharmaceutical Company founded by leading global pharmaceutical executives. The company is the first of its kind in India to offer end-to-end development services to the global Pharma industries and at the same time creating long-term value through internal and collaborative innovative Drug Discovery.

Pleasant Life Care, which is located in a state of the art facility in Chennai is developing its own drug candidates with the objective of out-licensing them at preclinical or clinical stages. The therapeutic areas of focus of these programs are in allergic Diseases and Inflammatory Diseases.

Pleasant Life Care is also working on the discovery of new anti biotic products.The aim of this program is to discover and develop new drugs for allergic diseases with speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness. India is ideally suited for this activity due to public health issues of the country, availability of talent and cost effectiveness. Pleasant Life Care is committed to addressing these global public health issues.

Pleasant Life Care Pharmaceutical development offers an end-to-end pre-clinical to early clinical development platform for pharmaceutical product development.

Spiraling R&D costs, flat productivity and an ever increasing pressure on time-to-market have become issues that pharmaceutical organizations, the world over, are grappling with.


  • Aiming to spread health and happiness across the globe
  • Care and promise your pleasant life


  • Make health affordable to all
  • Allow access to the best
  • Employ well researched Modern Technology
  • Seamless delivery of Products & Services of International Standards
  • Strive for disease free and healthy millennium